The Constitution

The government of Sarney was responsible for the redemocratizao of the country had many emendations constitutional that had aimed at the reinforcement of the democratic forces. for example in May of 1985 an emendation established the direct elections for the city halls of the considered cities as areas of national security the emendation also softened the requirements for register of new parties in this manner, defending political party of left ideologies that acted in clandestinity had been able to be legalized as for example the PC of the B (Left communist of Brazil) and the PCB (Broken communist Brazilian) among others. Perhaps but the item most important of the constitutional Emendation was to the invocation of a new constituent for elaboration of new Letter-Great, this item for me was the biggest landmark for redemocratizao of our country when the people had change of a regimen ditatorial politician for a democratic system where could exert its citizenship placing all its yearnings in a set of laws that could express its aspirations and interests that had been restrained and contained during decades in the country. The new Constitution of Brazil was promulgated in 1988, had, however consensus around some related basic questions with the individual rights, politicians and partners. The Constitution was called ' ' constitution cidad' ' that institua a Democratic state when establishing extensive guarantees to the Brazilian citizens. The government Sarney was not gotten rid of the economic crises, its economic plans, was a disaster, therefore the country crossed a serious crisis without precedents, the Crossed plans, Cruzados II, Bresser and Summer a failure had been all total aggravating thus in the end of the government Sarney in 1987 when the inflation arrived at the 1800% platform Brazil would complete its transistion for the Democracy only when 1989 if they would carry through the first direct elections for president.

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