Latin America

These incredible circumstances explained that had been able to capture it live. The final hours of its existence in the power of his despicable enemies must have been very bitter for him, but no man better prepared than Che for face similar test. Che contemplated his death as something natural and probable in the process and tried to in stress, very especially in its recent documents, that this eventuality would not prevent the inevitable March of revolution in Latin America. Every our action is a war cry against imperialism in any part that surprised death, welcome is always that our war cry, have reached a receptive ear and hand tend to grip our weapons. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. To not fight always lofty pretexts will at all times and in all circumstances, but it will be the only way of not ever gain freedom. Surely their critical pseudo revolutionaries, with his political cowardice and his eternal lack of action, will survive the evidence of his own stupidity.

Conclusions: Archetype of revolutionary intellectual, his work on the action and the revolutionary theory are extremely valuable. His exemplary and heroic life is invaluable weapon that we harness the teachers in the education of our children, and we want that our young people have such an instrument, they have that weapon in the hand, although it wasn’t more than to enrich our culture, although it wasn’t more than to force us to meditate, though not more than to delve into our revolutionary thought. Working with the knowledge that we have about the valuable work and life of Che is an indestructible Foundation for classes, as the best means of teaching to be used in classrooms. For the training and education of children and young people is absolutely essential knowledge of the life and work of Che, by its transcendence and its extraordinary effect. Che had a broad vision on what should be done and knew that to reach the development had to be study, investigate, learn and apply new technologies. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

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