Iranian Counterattacks

The ups and downs of the Armenian-Turkish rapprochement, to some extent overshadowed the far more serious regional problem that exists, however, is not the first – the West’s intention to completely subjugate Iran and, accordingly, Iran’s unwillingness to concede in the struggle for their independence. Of course, a powerful neighbor South Caucasus is not simply opposed to the Western desire to regain control of Iranian energy sources, acting in favor of and under the dictates of Israel and its influential Jewish lobby in the U.S., but still tries to assert to the world their particular situation – and in our region and throughout the Middle East, and in the Muslim world. Unlikely need to be reminded that in the past about 8-9 years as a major cause “discontent” Iran U.S. and Israel have imposed and the international community to impose the idea that the alleged Tehran for its active promotion of the technologies Nuclear energy covers the desire to acquire nuclear weapons. So recently the new U.S. Secretary of State Jewish Hillary Clinton has once again confirmed that the change from a party in power in Washington, nothing in this country and in the minds of the elites is not changing, literally shouting to the whole world: “Iran has no right to possess nuclear weapons.” Actually, why – no? Shawky pro-American in the Muslim world, Pakistan, such as “may”..

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