Life Village

It was warm and I had planned to drive around the sea and find a place to swimming. The roads there and back were two different realities of our country. At that time, both from to Protection via Novoselovo is normal asphalt, along which you can meet "real" village, the road from Cover Kolchugino through Vaulovo – vusmert broken. Congress on that road begins in the village Pernovo, whose name on road signs carefully redone Pernovo both at the beginning and end of the village. Broken asphalt quickly replaced broken concrete and rubble, the pleasure of driving on such roads in ten-wheeled extremely doubtful.

After Golovino begin godforsaken place with a few tiny villages, few residents which is hardly ever seen a scooter. Buses do not go there, and the local drive or on a motorcycle with a sidecar, or on old shovels for sale – penny, a Muscovite, a tractor, in the end. In such places, has its own charm: it seems Life stuck here thirty years ago, and all the crises that we had to survive after the collapse of the Soviet Union avoided these seats by party (read: as a ruin, and has remained). Go that way more than 25-30 km / h is extremely uncomfortable, if not possible. It is fair to note that the space around the beautiful and tranquil, pine forests, passing by which it seems that the hurry and do not: sometimes want to just stop, relax, and enjoy it all bliss.

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