Mendoza Tourism

Mendoza holidays are the ideal time to dare to adventure sports. The Cuyo Province provides an excellent framework to be captivated by experiences full of emotion and intense adrenaline. There are extreme sports for whose practice it is necessary to have previous training or experience. But for others, like rafting, only need to dare and not fear the water cold. The mighty Mendoza River attracts fans of rafting in the world. Broad, rapid and tumultuous, you can not ask a better scenario to begin in this sport. Its travel AC exciting leaps and soft perfect to let backwaters carry and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

The rafting Mendoza River rapids begins with the basic lessons of safety and technique of rafting by the guides, law enforcement also distribute among participants essential oars, life jackets and helmets. It is there where he will be ready to tackle the rafts and embark on the Adventure Group. The Mendoza River has a huge variety of Rapids of great quality, which placed it among the most sought-after in the world for the practice of this sport: its rating is class 4 in summer and class 3 for the remainder of the year. Among all, fans of rafting have given name to the most important, challenging and intense: La Muralla China, 31, Picoli, Councillor, the labyrinth or La Mala stone are synonymous and adrenaline to bumper warranty. Between quick and fast, the awesome Majesty of the hills that guard the landscape impacts to those present, and this journey gives a framework that can imitate almost any other circuit of rafting in the world.

Las balsas spend in front of the hills Lookout, crocodile and skull, whose beauty is responsible for the group draw every raft guides. Thus, the soft AC travel flow from the backwaters, perfect opportunity to enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape, with the intense thrill of rapids demanding like the oil dipstick or, especially, of the curve of Guido, guarded by the remnants of an abandoned station. Cries, laughs, excitement and exclamations of excitement and awe permanently cross air, from raft to raft. They say those who know that rafting is a sport that takes which each hides in its interior. Ourselves will that aboard a raft, swept away by the fast current, be, ultimately. And that long time after returning to our accommodation in Mendoza capital, the sensation of vertigo and pure freedom will continue to accompany us. You have to try to believe. Jorge Alberto Guinazu holidays in Mendoza

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