Supreme Court

The Civil Guard in collaboration with the British police arrested Eneko Gogeaskoetxea, one js of the appliance military ETA, in Cambridge. Also several caches have broken up, the latter was found a few days ago in the South of France. ETA in institutions? In parallel there has been an evolution of the political project of the abertzale left. After the announcement of the current it truce last January, they have decided to adopt a new strategy in the institutions. Sortu was the first party of abertzale Court designed to go to the municipal and regional elections in May. It was considered heir to the outlawed Batasuna and therefore a political brand of ETA.

So, on 24 March, the Supreme Court forbade them registered as a political party and incur the electoral appointment. It was then that arose Bildu as new coalition on behalf of the abertzale left. Despite the doubts of some, his association with ETA or the outlawed Sortu, not be failed to prove so the Constitutional Court ratified with six votes in favor and five votes against who could attend the elections. Bildu managed the Mayor of San Sebastian andthe other ninety-four municipalities more, being the party with more number of councilors in the Basque country. Bildu just do not take the step towards a firm condemnation against ETA. Even, Inigo Urkullu PNV leader has urged him publicly to ask for the end of the terrorist group. Last Thursday, Bildu invited several relatives of ETA prisoners to the Fiesta of the fiestas de Vitoria, causing UPyD gave demanded be taken measures against Basque party.

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