National Politics

The Ministry of the Cities is conscientious of that it fits to the Federal Government to define the general lines of direction of the National Politics of Urban Development, but fits to the city (or the managing metropolitans, defined for state law) the urban planning and the management and metropolitans. It is there, in the cities, that the objectives of participation citizen and guarantee of the right to the city for all, can be made possible, through the Conferences of the Cities, the Advice of the Cities, which are obligations of the Public Power in the scopes municipal theatre, state and federal, constitutes of this form, spaces of joint and participation of the civil society that must be respected and be accomplished, of inclusive and sustainable form. To complete normative picture of the guarantee of the right to the housing, the SNHIS, it has as objective to make possible the population of lesser income the access the urbanizada land and the worthy habitation. In such a way, the SNHIS searchs to implement politics and programs of investment and subsidies to make possible the access of the low income population to the habitation, being centered all the programs and projects destined to the habitation of social interest. Click Amazon for additional related pages. Another important conquest of this law was the FNHIS, making use of managing advice proper and directed to the management of the budgetary resources of the programs of the National System of Habitation of Social Interest. The instruments of the urban politics give to support to the responsible agencies for the right the housing having as principle the implantations of the urban politics. Leaving of this estimated, the habitacionais politics in Manaus had started to exert a crucial paper in reply the centralidade of the agrarian question and real estate, where the increasing urban illegality, that reaches in special the population most devoid, also starts to be the focus of the social habitacionais programs of the city and of the interior. .

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