Rivers that also cut reaspantanosas have waters with pH very low, due to presence of matriaorgnica in decomposition, rivers of fen are enclosed in this category (MAIER, 1987). Already the alkalinity was bigger in the month of February in the city deItacar, with the value of 36,2. Although the minimum value of alkalinity to geralmenteocorrer in the precipitation months bigger, had to the dilution process dagua, observes opposing data here, that is, a maximum value in the defevereiro month, that can be explained due to massive arrival of tourist during will overo to city of Itacar, what d&#039 directly caused in a significant increase of descargasdeefluentese residues not treated in the courses; water of the River deContas. Recently Paulo Coelho sought to clarify these questions. Analyzing the values of the color of the water, he was diagnosticadoque in the month of January and December, in the cities of Itacar and Ubaitabarespectivamente, they had been very above of what it is allowed by the Resolution CONAMAn 357, that it recommends 75 to maximum value of mg. Pt.L-1.Ainda in relation to the high values referentes color, is important to relate them it the increase of the precipitation in the perodoanalisado one. The precipitation influences in the diverse parameters of quality degua in the basin of hidrogrfica and the evolution or reduction of the pollution of the water. The turbidez is one of the parameters used for evaluation dascaractersticas physical of the water.

Its occurrence meets associated presena of particles of rock, same clay and silte or seaweed and outrosmicrorganismos. The turbidez was presented in every month analyzed, dentrodos values recommended for Resolution CONAMA n 357, keeping values menoresque 40 units nefelomtrica of turbidez not exceeding, therefore the valorlimite that are of 100 UNT, thus guaranteeing, the use for the human consumption. The turbidez when raised it can affect aesthetic oscorpos d' water or still to encarecer the treatment for the diverse uses.

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