Legality in Brazil

Its distance understands 794 km of the Capital, and its forms to arrive Legal Brasilia can be for fluvial road or. Etnogrfica research of Field in Legal Brasilia In day 04 of July of 2011 to the 13:00 hours, the academics of IV the Period of History of the College of Itaituba? FAI, had left ' ' Floating platform of Mr. Gessy' ' in Itaituba-Par., for Legal Brasilia. Of our exit until the Village of Barriers they had been transferred about four hours. We go down in Barriers to make a small recognition of the place, where we can evidence in the arrival the chapel of Are Joo; in front of the same one it has two bells of iron with dates of the year of 1864. Of return to the boat professor Adailson Sena found small machadinha and some fragmentos of that for there, possibly, they had passed people of the period of aldeamento of the village. We continue our trip, that had lasted five hours more than, five long and tiring hours.

Finally we arrive at our final destination: Legal Brasilia. When disembarking we estalamos in them in the residence of Mrs. Maria Gorete Silva Azulay, mother of our friend of group: Alessandra Silva Azulay. Later, we were to the local market to make the purchases, our Rosilene friends and Hlida had prepared the supper with aid of professor Adailson Sena. After the supper we were to ' ' Trapiche' ' , where we talk on some subjects of History and soon later we collect in them. In the dawn of the day 05 of July for return of the 6:30 hours, Gelsinete, Joilma and Adailson Sena prepare the coffee. During the coffee of the morning the professor divided the group in two teams: Team 1: Monalisa, Jacilene, Joilma, Rosilene and Hlida. Team 2: Pablo, Alessandra, Geovanice, Gilvane and Gelsinete.

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