Mr Rajoy President

They have forgotten – because so wanted it for their own interests politicians-that run our committed economies of the autonomous communities and city councils, in geometric progression, towards a bottomless well, and that We hardly saldaremos our debts until two or three years at least. Many powers which have enjoyed until now our autonomous communities, and have not managed to bring happy port, should be returned to the central Government: health, education, Interior, justice one wondered what are for the provincial councils, the ombudsmen, the regional television and the police regional: we all know that, in Spain, we have some wonderful state security forces: the Civil Guard and the national police. Here’s what is duplicate roles and salaries, which have led us to the current economic meltdown. Now, however, come to the fore old nationalisms extremists who we can not recognize them as fully rational, insofar as soon as they propose recognizing only members of your ethnic group. On the shores of a ravine, / says a black, with zeal: / my God, who was white, / though catalan (verses and songs of the Ecuadorian people, where it is preserved the memory of old conquerors, and, at the same time, a strong regional rivalry).This last is happening in Spain, unfortunately, and the PSOE and the PP should fix it, because for that they charge large salaries of the Spanish State, they will have large withdrawals, not to mention the costs of representation, and, therefore, it is your duty to organize a little Spain, I say that not too much to ask. It is mainly their autonomies Spain drive what is at stake, but the President of the Executive, Mr Rodriguez Zapatero, as the leader of the opposition, Mr Rajoy, have not understood (because it did not want to) understand the message of the Spaniards that we wish: to) peace by eradicating Spanish terrorism, once for all, achieved through dialogue, albeit with the same Devil without ever reaching sell you soul, and b) coordinating efforts in the Congress to govern Spain, without those nationalist parties exacerbated and exclusive that I respect: their languages, their customs, their ideologies, their feelings, but that they understand to Spain rotates several halved our President, Mr Rodriguez Zapatero, Member of Jordi Sevilla book again socialism, leaving to posterity what then follows: ideology means logical idea and in politics there is no logical ideas.

There are ideas subject to debate in a deliberative process, but never accepted by the evidence of a logical deduction. In policy is useless logic, i.e., in the domain of the Organization of the coexistence the method are not valid inductive or deductive method, but only the discussion about different options without any thread that orient the premises and objectives; then everything is possible and acceptable, since we lack of principles, values and rational arguments that guide us in the resolution of problems. One can understand what he thinks the intellect of our current President. The true guarantee of good governance consists in monitoring the execution of the laws and never allow the minimum infringement. Any small infraction is insensitive, but these transgressions are like small expenditures that, multiply, lead to ruin. Initially they aperciben not, but for this reason it is necessary to end the evil at its source. Aristotle, politics.

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