The Legal Market

These figures demonstrate how highly competitive legal market. Two of these factors – lack of financial responsibility, and certain employment issues sometimes pushing unscrupulous lawyers to take up the work, promising a good fee, even if they are not confident that they can do it at a high professional level. Thus, expect that you will be able to simply Several lawyers around to find the right and be sure to hear a denial from those who do not have the appropriate expertise is unlikely to account for. Rather, the first lawyer to whom you refer, will try to to convince you that he and you need it. Third, in the city of Yaroslavl virtually no major legal agencies having a serious reputation and containing a large staff of lawyers specializing in separate activities. Ideally, that recourse to such an agency would be to guarantee quality of service delivery.

But, unfortunately, exist in law firms are small, and attorneys education (college, advice), do not perform legal services on its behalf. Necessary to clarify that legal practices are non-profit organizations and exist only by contributions its members. In fact, they perform only two basic functions: a mediator for the payment of taxes by its members (tax agent) and organizer of workplace advocates. Relationships with customers is carried out directly to the lawyers. In this regard, the legal profession almost does not keep statistics of professional successes and failures of its employees (eg, lost and won cases), there is no effective system of staff selection for business and personal qualities in their advocacy.

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