Before the wedding the bride goes from door to door with a pillowcase in his hand – so she collects wedding gifts. The bride is escorted by a man who is her age and married. A man holding a beach umbrella over the bride. This wedding tradition is the protection of the bride and her shelter. Bride in Finland wearing a gold crown and a wedding dress on her wedding day. During the wedding party, after the couple exchanged vows, the girls gather around Bride and dance around it. Bride sends her crown girl who will soon marry. Learn more at this site: Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. She does it like the Queen gave them to the crown after the one year reign.

According to the Finnish tradition, the couple sitting on specially designated locations during the wedding reception. In the hands of the bride – a box, covered with a handkerchief. In his guests descended the money in envelopes. At many wedding banquets in-law or bride's godmother during first dance Honeymoon breaks the porcelain plate. First wedding dance – usually a waltz. Then, the number of fragments is determined by how many children will be newly-weds.

Waltz-rival in love – the last dance, the final Finnish wedding banquet. At the beginning of the dance the bride and groom dance with a girl and a man of the guests, but it lasts very long, the couple quickly reunited. Together with couples dancing and children. This dance is considered to be test – Do not forget the bride and groom each other.

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