Deputy Mayor Nicholas Lysov

Need to develop a bill that will determine the investment component of this activity and the mark-up, limiting the appetite of private economic structures, employment services. Only then can regulate the growth rates. Otherwise, it will continue to be unmanageable. And as proof that the mayor cited the cost of one Gcal of Years: 650 rub. – In 2007, 850 – 2008, 1051 – 2009, and is expected to reach 1300 rubles. in 2010. You may wish to learn more. If so, Amazon is the place to go.

And two more statements made Alexander Kurylin: – We are ready to take the lead in the reform of housing and communal services and prepared under the supervision and ballads, and Government to carry out the reforms that we have already prepared and can carry out. Also, we are entering the construction of affordable housing. We expect that 23 thousand rubles. per square. m – is the ceiling, at today's prices, which can be sell homes. Therefore, the economy should be limited to the builder, too, the percentage pricing. Everyone is talking about Roosevelt, who at one time limited margin of 20%, but for some reason we now ashamed to do it and ask fas is a socially significant way to limit the pricing and the most important thing to calculate how much it costs.

amulet of attraction for money Deputy Mayor Nicholas Lysov talked about the strategy socio-economic development of go for the period until 2015. The first step in its implementation – development master plan. With it, the administration decided on the zoning, that is, of territories under the industrial construction, tourism development and for housing.

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