Central Asia

"Works" and Iran itself in terms of reducing the dependence of its potential partners from the U.S. and Israel. Take the message of Iranian news agency IRNA on 28 October its intention to Tehran in the near future, a 5-fold increase in the volume of natural gas supplies to Armenia. In exchange for gas supplies to Armenia supplying Iran with electricity. The question is not so much the fact that Iran is now required more electricity from Armenia.

This step means Iran his real reaction to the intensification of the "Armenian-Turkish element" of U.S. policy in the region and, therefore, makes it clear to Yerevan, Armenia, that you should not "change horses in midstream. " In particular – in areas of geo-economics and geo-strategy. No less attention Iran enjoys, and Turkey. October 27-28, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an urgent visit to Tehran, which resulted in Iran and Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding on oil and gas sector.

According to this document, Turkey will be entitled to sell 17.5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas annually from the world's largest South Pars field. Iranian Deputy Oil Ibrahim Radafzoun said that Ankara intends to invest about $ 4 billion in the development of Iran's gas industry in this field in general and the Persian Gulf. Experts in the West and Turkey are confident that this agreement was reached agreement with Washington, and now it was Iranian gas will be a priority of the resource base of the gas pipeline Nabucco. However, we want to draw attention: if the pipe Nabucco will not start with Azerbaijan and Central Asia, then it is – not American project. So who will ultimately be the loser if you do not start now frustrate the launch of the Iranian-Turkish Memorandum of Oil and Gas? Our answer – the U.S., and Israel. It's no secret that energy, which "included" in Turkey with the former Soviet Union, in one way or another found themselves not in Europe, namely in Israel. That is their own steps in the region of Iran, directly or indirectly contributes to the weakening dependence of both Armenia and Turkey and Europe – the U.S. and Israel, forced repetition of blackmail and the dictates of Washington and Tel Aviv. The position of Armenia, Turkey and the EU, of course, this does not weaken. As for Russia, and she will be able to a lot to win that may weaken the influence of the Americans and Israelis in the business in Europe and in our region.

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