Berlin Blockade

The Chinese calendar, known as Peasants – this is a very neat system not only records of past events, but also a tool for prediction. Novelist has compatible beliefs. 2008 Rats on this calendar will be marked by two elements-earth, sitting on the water. Or in other words it is an earth rat year. In accordance with the cycle of birth and destruction that govern the relationship between the elements, earth controls water. Therefore, the land located on the water is a symbol of control. But the water in a year Rats are very strong and the earth floating on the water, has no basis and can not control the oceans of water. It turns out that instead of monitoring is the confrontation of the elements water and earth. Land surface water is a Young Earth, a symbol of a mountain and stability.

But the apparent stability because under a mountain of no foundation. Interrelation of these elements give the appearance of a more stable year, but there are hidden strengths and tension. In the Chinese calendar is a 60-year cycle. There are 12 animals, each of which is ruled by one year. In addition, there are five types of elements such as fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It means exactly the same year, the Earth Rat was the last time in the 1948th year. And what significant events occurred in the 1948th year? The confrontation between the ussr and the West, Berlin Blockade, the creation of structures that led to nato. Israel was created in May 1948 and resulted in the Arab-Mzrailsky conflict.

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