Antigone Creon

NAPLES: I will take it. AMay excitement! I will be powerful. (See the city at their backs. Read more from novelist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Proclamation ago with his arms crossed.) Any and all people of this city, avotadme! End of Act I, Act II Scene III (Napoli sitting in a wheelchair at a table in a luxurious office. Dress in a smart suit and tie. The secretary sitting at a table. Mr.

V. Paulo Coelho takes a slightly different approach. Without hat, is standing. ) CHORUS The battle began has been perpetrated the attack as two thousand years ago. Antigone Creon returns to confront. Oedipus' sons kill each other again and so undetected. The town is blind, while the tragedy grows at his feet. Can you stop? It is to struggle against fate, now power. Thousands of years of history have to stop predict that as the greed and ambition are always close.

It said, "put aside God's standards, is dedicated the powerful, to do crazy things. "We were on the side of democratic standards chosen falls into the abyss, that sweeps the city. Mr. V. : You have to go on and on and on, like the great characters. Can you imagine a great man of history by getting off the horse and saying I got there?. If vouchers out!, apobre will be garbage! NAPLES: No, not that. No, no. Advertise! My father poisoned the poor and prisoners with castor oil and I do not want to be poor or to put me in jail. Mr. V. : Well, you have to act like a statesman, according to how important you are.

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