Polish Citizenship

A minor acquires the Polish populations by birth if one of its parents is citizen of a foreign country and the other is citizen Pole. Nevertheless, by declaration sworn before the respective Polish authorities within the three months of birth of the minor, the parents can choose that the minor only owns the foreign citizenship, whenever the law of the foreign country grants to the minor the citizenship to him based on the descendants of the foreign father. In this circumstance, the minor can accede to the Polish populations if he or it realises a sworn declaration expressing his will to become ciudadano/a before corresponding Polish authorities after to turn the 16 years and until the 6 previous months to fulfill the majority of legal age. You may find that Amazon can contribute to your knowledge. BY BIRTH: A minor born or found in the territory of the Republic of Poland acquires the citizenship if she is not known who are the parents, or its citizenship cannot be established, or if the parents are stateless. BY NATURALIZATION: The citizenship can be granted by the president of the Republic of Poland.

A foreigner is authorized to request the citizenship if he or it has lived in Poland like permanent legal resident by at least 5 years. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Amazon by clicking through. The concession of the citizenship can be subject upon presentment of evidence of the loss or abandonment to the foreign citizenship. The marriage with a Polish citizen does not change the citizenship of any of the parts. LOSS OF THE CITIZENSHIP: INVOLUNTARY: The Constitution prohibits the involuntary loss of the Polish citizenship. VOLUNTEER: A Polish citizen can obtain the citizenship foreigner with all the effects produced by the Polish law when she receives the permission to resign to the Polish populations granted by the president of the Republic of Poland. The loss of the citizenship becomes the day effective that it is granted, reason why the Polish citizens with a promise of citizenship of a foreign country would be stateless while they are in that foreigner until acquiring the new citizenship. The procedure of voluntary resignation of the citizenship can be carried out in Poland or through nearer Polish consulate. BY MARRIAGE: A foreigner can acquire the Polish populations if he is united in marriage by at least 3 years with a Polish citizen and obtains the residence permission.

The aplicante must make the order in the Office of Voivodato of its location of residence in Poland and enunciate desire to transform itself into Polish citizen. The request must be executed within the 6 months to secure the residence authorization. ANY CONSULTATION referring to the citizenship or order of resignation must be presented/displayed before the consulate Pole more close. Benefit of the beauty of this country; he allows that lawyers manage the requirements to him to obtain the Polish passport or the Polish populations.

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