Georgia Tension

The war in Georgia again made us shudder with apprehension next big disaster. On all sides have been calls for a ceasefire and peaceful solution combined efforts of international forces. Is it possible to union where the interests of the parties so different? How to make a living in peace with dissidents, those who do not agree with your point of view? After living without controversy only primitive peoples. And the more we evolve, the more differences we find in the result. The more developed a person is, the more complex and contradictory of his inner world.

It would seem that open-mindedness to make people tolerant of other people's opinions, but this is only true at first glance. Despite its versatility, and even being aware that his views are constantly changing, anyone still believes that truth is always at his side. And he is always ready to convince the dissenters. And, by all means to convince, because the ego of man is not defeated. Disagreement other causes in us a great inner tension, in which we live is almost constant.

And when the tension reaches a certain critical value, outbreaks, like the one that led to war in Georgia. However, sometimes we do manage to reverse itself and come to some agreement with others, but time always shows how it fragile and short-lived. So what do you do? The eternal question in this case did not find any satisfactory answer, and we continue to live, hoping as usual to chance.

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