Carnival Time

During the Carnival, it is time to say goodbye to meat. There is nothing like taking advantage of this pagan celebration to resist this custom with an original and much more healthful product: The tea DivirteTe. And it is that Saboreatycaf, the network of establishments specialized in the purchase and tea tasting – always with denomination of origin, it bets because we enjoy this date trying this liquid singular. people is anxious to leave, to enjoy and to disguise itself. We want to add an extra to this celebration with an infusion that will still more favor the intensity with which to live these days, comments Blond Mario, President of Saboreatycaf. And, why to drink DivirteTe in Carnival? The answer is simple.

Thanks to the natural and stimulating components from which it is done the tea we will fill of positive sensations. Each infusion has a series of properties that even makes for certain situations and ailments propitious. With DivierteTe we have looked for a tea that serves as advance payment as the summer time. With a base of tropical fruits and red tea, we want to create a sensation of harmony with we ourself, that once obtained makes us feel happier and able for enjoying celebrations like these, explains Blonde. This is the formula of DivierteTe : Red tea pu-ehr : famous by its healthful properties.

It reduces to the cholesterol and aid to become thin. The Coco: its function is diurtica and stimulating of the processes of the digestive apparatus. In addition he is rich in calcium and potassium. Lemon grass : it produces a relajante, antidepressing and expectorante effect. Mint: it decontaminates the skin and it alleviates the headache, besides promoting the digestive processes. Papaya: the main characteristics of this fruit are their reinforcement of the immunity, its analgesic and tranquilizing function of the pain and suefecto on the care the skin, facilitating bronzed and the elimination of it stains and eczemas. Handle: It contains triptfano, from which seratina hormone is generated, well-known like hormone of felicidad” since it helps to feel better and not to have negative thoughts. As complement, they have a high defensive power against the degradation of the cells.

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