Political Education

In the truncated form at the congress will be at least four political pole, conventionally represented, Ramzan Kadyrov, Akhmed Zakayev, Doku Umarov and Ahyadom Idigov. AND what? Swan, the crayfish and pike? It is quite expected the predicted results. Again, squabble, like last time? Again, be exposed to ridicule before the world? Chances are that way because too much in different politico-ideological-religious and legal fields they operate. Bart between them is not possible by definition. Consequently, there will be Bart and the Chechen people. The best thing it will be again appeals to reason, to do good, to understanding, to Bart, in the long run. JH: – Congress shall be convened not only for such tasks.

In Dagestan, was not so, as you say. As for your pessimism, then, if you look at the recent history of Chechnya, a complete tragedy, it and no wonder. But I am not a pessimist like you. In any case, much of the Russian Chechen recognize the undoubted role of Ramzan. It is even possible and some diaspora. There’s also figured out what was going on.

Is it possible that Your politicians do not have enough reason to work out some mutually acceptable position? EH: – A waste of time, effort and money. Any desired result is the price of its achievements and needs of the associated costs. Well, talk to the Chechen people want peace? Very good! Identify all the causes of the conflict, consider the cost of their removal, find financing and close the question, satisfying compromise the interests of all involved parties. That’s it. But Chechen Congress can do this? No, I can not. Why? Because any of these parties are unable to finance world, too high costs could be. Therefore, any calls to overflowing nothing good will. They just may work simultaneously, for example, to capture the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg or the House of Political Education in Grozny. Well captured. And then what? How many moves has been calculated the situation, who and how will meet in the future interests of the people, which is usually no one asks about what does not? But responding to a question thee, let me say that there is a solution, if it is to look for the Chechen people, but not in the interests of its leaders. Without revealing the ‘know-how’, I say that Chechens do not like him forcibly imposed solutions. Our people like to be give a choice. All else will do it himself. Chechnya will be in a good, comfortable, not our countryman go look for happiness in distant countries, and if you are already gone, then come back home. If there is an interesting male occupation, the young man did not go into the woods to look for a dubious fortune. The choice of alternatives and the possibility of implementation – is the key to success in Chechnya and elsewhere in the North Caucasus.

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