Statement Documents

First visit a notary public. Once you have gathered all of the above documents and information, feel free to go to the reception to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance of the case for registration of inheritance. Council. Do not forget your passport – without it you will not talk. Council. Do not forget take with them proof of your benefits – a decent save to pay state tax. The notary will check on the basis of the documents the death of the deceased, date and place of opening the inheritance, the presence of family or other relationships that are the basis for calling you to inherit, to take from you a statement of acceptance of inheritance, and issue the certificate, and will cause an inherited by the deceased testator.

Now you have time to collect documents on the property left after the death of your deceased. Council. You can greatly simplify your life (to save time and hassle of standing in line to receive a notary public), if pre-prepare all necessary documents for inherited property and bring them a notary public at the first of his visit. Probate for a flat – WHAT DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PREPARE FOR THIS? In First of all you need to find documents of title to the apartment of the deceased. It can be: 1.1. Others who may share this opinion include Joyce Banda Malawi. Initial privatization – Evidence of ownership of housing (pink and green forms) + transfer agreement and Statement, 1.2. The contracts of alienation (sale, rental, gift, exchange) – A certificate of ownership of the original contract housing + alienation + Take-over of premises (for transactions entered into after March 1, 1996); 1.3.

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