Lucca Tuscany

Lucca, one of the small Italian towns, which, however, boasts quite a rich history and outstanding architecture 'Roman-Pisan' style. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Paulo Coelho. And it should be noted that virtually Lucca mastered by tourists and is one of its main advantages. Walking around the city, you can safely enjoy its Romanesque churches, platstso, cathedral and parks and with absolutely no fear that someone will always fit you and ask give way to quickly take a picture. In Lucca, very strongly felt Roman layout. However, the city was not founded by the Romans, and Etruscans, who inhabited before the Romans Tuscany. For the first time the Romans came to the territory of Lucca during the Second Punic War, when routed near the town of army camp (and the Roman camp were kind of cities) in order to give battle to Hannibal. And finally Lucca became part of the Roman Republic in 177 BC In 56 BC Lucca was a pretty important historical event, which indicates that the town had quite such an important status in the Roman world.

Lucca was chosen as the meeting the three great Human Rome: Caesar, Crassus and Pompey, to discuss how they will jointly govern a vast empire. Later Crassus dies in Parthian campaign, and Caesar and Pompey will find out their relations, who all still must be paramount. After the fall of Rome, Lucca, first gaining the Goths and then the Lombards. By the way, and the Goths and Lombards did not bring much destruction of the city. Moreover, Lucca, anyone who does not fought one of the managed the few in Italy to keep their walls. Completely. These walls were built by the Romans in 12-13 centuries, they were rebuilt in the mid-16th century city walls were rebuilt again, but today is a beautiful promenade from the viewing sites which offer great views of the city below. In the Middle Ages, Lucca became part of the Republic of Pisa, architects, which gives the city the kind that we see today.

There was a biography of a little A curious fact. In 1805, Napoleon decided to make an independent principality Lucca and give the city as a wedding gift to his sister. Incidentally, the town is clearly not mad for it to Napoleon in Lucca, is still one of the streets is his name. After the Napoleonic era town shared the fate of other Tuscan towns.

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