Islam Authorities

Since the system of coordination, "friend or foe," nothing has changed. They had fought against the Kremlin, and now continue to fight against the same puppet of the Kremlin. Which, in their declaration, colonized the Chechen people and the colonial policy of continuing arms of his puppets. They had declared that the fight for liberation people, the same declaration passed and today, as saying that people took an active part in these elections, can only be very much full-time advocates of the authorities. Resistance did not have to change their tried and tested strategy and tactics. More information is housed here: Richard Blumenthal. Significantly, it was after this act of terrorism is a broad wave poured over the Caucasus and was revived with new force already in Chechnya. As you can see, the separatists have perfectly understood the possibility, submitted to them by the federal government, and effectively use them.

If the Kremlin went so far as to hold free elections in the republic, with the active participation of both observers and the entire range of applicants for president, the resistance was forced to confront the whole Chechen people in the face of their elected authorities. It has lost the moral right to continue its activities. It is one thing – to act with the tacit indifference of the majority, gradually merging into the tacit approval of same, as is the case today. It is quite another – when you are forced to operate with clearly hostile population. You are interfering with implement the expectations related to a legitimate and accountable to the people of power. In the struggle against separatism and radicalism clerical this factor is decisive. Do not know this – in itself a crime, a crime doubly is that this evidence is ignored deliberately.

Another important reason to feed the idea of resistance is the complete lack of republican and federal authorities to anything resembling an ideology! Can arbitrarily refer to the ideology of resistance, calling it flawed, compiled, marginal, and so on, but one must admit that it IS. On the other hand, the promotion of the local authorities so called "traditional Islam" does not hold, based on how and who she is. The propagandists forget that the "traditional" Islam is only because it was adopted in accordance with the traditions people, its culture and customs, rather than against them. As it now wants to do the latter-day prophets from the forest, who consider themselves above the saints who brought Islam to our land. Surprising lack of counter-propaganda in the process of culture and art. That is just who maintains and develops the culture and traditions of this nation. It is flawed in its one-sided propaganda makes the youth that has the word "culture", in after so many years of oblivion and forgetfulness associated only with underwear Ksenia Sobchak, listen to what they say advocates of the forest. The result should be, unfortunately, again, that very likely transfer of terrorist activities in other parts of Russia. The leaders of the resistance are well aware that while they will blow up and kill only the North Caucasus, they never make public opinion in Russia "Wake up". When you save the traditional understanding of the situation and the same traditional methods to solve Russia will either proceed to "restore constitutional order", but throughout the Caucasus, or do away with the Caucasus. Both of these solutions satisfied ideologues and financiers of the armed resistance. The first thing for them is even better.

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