The Leaders

The oligarchs do not give the rest reminders about the year 1917, and socialism. The greater the "pluck" the people, the louder will be sound like calls to forget the revolution, and if they remember it is only its negative aspects, as an inevitable factor in any state transformation. If the advocates of reform have made the 90 would be something positive, then No questions about Lenin and did not arise, this would have had no need, since the common people and unaided could find out "what's what," and who is wrong. But over 20 years of reform anything positive for the people not occurred, the negative side there is the same. The best option is to blame the dead, they no longer have an opportunity to object.

Yet talk of the need of Christian burial is not tenable. Lenin was atheist, Christian dogma, for it not matter at the burial had not. On the other hand, Lenin's body lies under the ground and it can be seen as a crypt. So what do all these "movements" around Lenin's body look simple desire to divert attention from the real issues of our time and again to blame all the troubles of the events a century ago and the leaders of that time. Does not hold water and the idea of abolishing The mausoleum, as a historical monument of the era. Not so much in the world like mausoleums, which can be safely called cultural and artistic heritage of Russia, there are over 80 years. Steve Rattner has much experience in this field.

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