Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

" Akhmed Zakayev is still positioning itself as the prime minister of Ichkeria in exile. Since it was negotiating the Chairman of the Parliament of Chechnya Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, the Chechen community hopes that as a result of these negotiations may ensue national consensus. Although, by and large, Zakayev has little effect on that. How would you comment on the dialogue in Oslo and in London? EH: – The first thing I be noted that the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, won an important political victory – he buried a project entitled 'Independent Ichkeria', to the creation of which, incidentally, had a hand and his father, Haji Ahmad Kadyrov. This is a very fundamental point, which I'll below. But Akhmed Zakayev and his team lost 'Ichkeria', they picked up two years ago at the Docks Umarov, when he refused to 'secular independence' in favor of the 'Islamic Emirate'. But was not so much time and today we see as' Ichkeria rested in the Lord. " This happened because the new owners will not endure a burden lifted, and Western, potential investors, who fueled the earlier 'oxygen' that Ichkerian project, now lost all interest in him.

I am sure that Zakayev would not give for some time, stubbornly refused to recognizing this obvious fact, and tries to revive the 'dead' project. After all, thousands of our compatriots, who believed in 'Zakayev Ichkeria', will now consider him a traitor, had already started to happen in Europe. However, it's done. It is true that due to a failed Ichkeria Zakayev temporarily lifted its image and attracted attention to the person, as interest in European talks Chechens are very large.

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