A Series Of Articles Entitled “Commercial Real Estate In Context” Clause Number 8 (

Article 8 (epigraph): "Fartagh, color, and good luck! Happy New Year, 2010 m, dear reader, "" Success – not final, a defeat – not fatal, the courage to continue – that's all that matters for happiness "- Winston Churchill, owner of the store next to our house has congratulated us on the occasion of the phrase, which I titled this article. It was necessary to clarify the dictionary meaning of the first two words. It's simple – summing up, this wish for happiness. And unless someone wants otherwise? It's just that everyone is my, what luck. I wish you a not someone else's! A lot! Strictly speaking, this article is not part of a series of "Commercial Real Estate in context." I wrote it before the New Year to subscribers of the same name of my mail on the same great information channel in the network. And I thought that it would be interesting and my other readers, too. So "purkua would not pas?!" As they say about the young French on my own Tauris. I wanted to share with you one, rather a typical story of too quite a typical situation.

We, as a lending organization, got to work a considerable commercial real estate in a major regional center. For sale. Owners – friendly industrials, fell on the hook, and credit, due to arbitrariness in a nation-wide psihotichki of our government, have lost their an established market, and opportunities to get off this hook – one stroke. . Official site: Steve Rattner.

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