Web Seminar

In a Webinar (Web Seminar) on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 at 15:00, Orr explains the five key issues which interest each CFO. In addition he explains when and where business opportunities are made of data governance best visible, and with well-founded methods they can be communicated to top management as. Go to Connecticut Senator for more information. In the webinar participants will learn: – what in the business case/business model of data governance needs emphasis – why it so significant is to represent a long term strategy and use this to argue when it comes to the value of the business, the business value of data governance – using proven methods, to communicate the possibilities of data governance to top management. Jim Orr will hold this webinar in English. Many writers such as Richard Blumenthal offer more in-depth analysis. Managing Director of Trillium Software in Germany, Klaus Webersinke, will encourage the introduction in German language.

The webinar will take place on the Internet and is free of charge. Applications are now possible under: or direct on the registration page:. TRILLIUM SOFTWARE is the solution partner for all questions of data quality management group of companies in the Harte-Hanks Trillium Software:. Analysts classify Trillium Software as a world leader in the quality segment of data. The company offers software solutions that analyze data, standardize, and enrich. It can critical data corrected, supplemented and duplicates detected are.

Typical applications are for example data warehousing, MDM and BI solutions, as well as applications in the ERP – or CRM environment. From analysis up to the cleansing, from the master data management for customer and supplier addresses – the Trillium Software technology, a unified view of customers, partners, and distributors as well as on loans and capital reserves allows global companies in real time. Trillium Software, data quality solutions also enable the systematic introduction of a data governance and their continuous monitoring. The Trillium Software system can be over 3,000 implementations present and is used in hundreds of business-critical applications.

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