The Expansion

The system of distribution of benefits in accordance with the labor input, destroying form of exploitation, creates the opportunity to accumulate different values of separate individuals, separate monogamous families. These families become self-gravitating housekeeping when no longer needed in the collective mode of production of subsistence. If you would like to know more about Amazon, then click here. But considerable amount of individual households their wealth among kin prevented tribal collectivism, and family ties with members of the tribal government of the tribe. Therefore born customs such as periodic razdarivanie or destruction of property wealthy families. Sometimes the owners themselves were destroyed and property (4). That is born a new form of exploitation – exploitation of a more capable in terms of production life wealth of individuals less capable. The destruction of this form of exploitation could be achieved only through the destruction of tribal customs, traditions and forms of organization of tribal authority, ie again through destruction of the old dialectical form of relations between members of society, which was implemented through the expansion of the tribe to individual monogamous family.

Along with the birth of the possibility of accumulation separate families of different values are produced predatory war. Therefore, together with the expansion of tribal societies, for the organization and reflect the raids are formed territorial (neighborhood) community. Form of government these communities – military democracy headed by a military leader, who was primarily interested in the freedom of the accumulation of individual families, values, and thus promoted the appropriate relationship that, in ultimately led to the creation of wealth inequality, slavery, or wage labor and private ownership of means of production.

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