Secrets Of Success

First great secret of success of the internal intention to be a success in life is an intention to have the willingness and commitment to working towards the goal. Internal means that your desire stems from the soul, not of the mind. Soul controls emotions, mind – logic. When between emotion and logic, there is a conflict, always and in all situations win emotions. It is your emotions control your life. They are like a magnet attracts to you the events you experiencing. Why I use this intention, rather than desire. Desire – is a tool of consciousness.

The mind wants to, when not ready to receive. Desires are realized only when they become intentions, that is when a person ready to have what he wants. The energy of desire is transformed into directed action that makes the law of attraction make a wish. If the soul is not in harmony with the mind of his desire, it does not materialize. The spiritual discomfort, will push you to the desired circumstances.

Try to understand what you mean success in life. We have come to Earth completely different. We can not seek the success of which is accepted in society. You must ensure their success. You will feel when you really find your niche. To find and follow its him – this is the main secret of success! Second unqualified success secret knowledge that you will succeed I will tell you a law that will likely surprise you. Most likely, your mind does not want to accept it, but do not discard the idea immediately, but think about it.

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