Religion Science

Science, Common Sense, Religion and Philosophy the common sense if assigns for knowledge acquired throughout the life that independem of a scientific training, without a basement notable of such order. However the proper scientific basement inexists without the common sense. According to Boaventura de Souza Saints Left itself exactly, the common sense is conservative and can legitimize prepowers, more interpenetrado for the scientific knowledge can be in the origin of a new rationality. (p 90) This and that one leave the same of principle that are the incessant search of the man for knowledge of itself and of the world encircles that it. However science searchs each time more if to move away from said thoughts as ' ' populares' ' or ' ' mticos' ' , those that are very gifts in the popular wisdom; It is through rigorous methods, to produce systematic, necessary and objective a knowledge that guarantees to foresee event and to more act of form insurance that the modern cientificidade if guideline, disdaining any type of knowledge that is not this stipulated. Another form to think the world and that it beats of front with science is the religion. During many years it was one empecilho for science and is from now on that the quandary between the two starts. The religion considers a knowledge mainly and a faith in subjective affirmations of the proposal of that a being exists transcendental, empirical extra that the world created and governs and, being thus, all the human beings must follow the laws of this ' ' governante' ' , being fidiciary offices and adoradores, however, the religion that does not walk of hands given with science is in the darknesses of the superstition and the ignorance. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. As science if bases on something rational with concrete evidences and systematic it has this shock that generally exists when one of the two intends to answer to the questions attributed to the other.

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