Military Formation

After its military formation, Olga was destined to follow it Brazil, where this would lead the Communist Conspiracy, attempt of blow against the government of Getlio Vargas ( Benario and Prestes had been gotten passionate and started to live together. Although this love has lived, Olga always prioritized the communist cause. According to FREUD (1930), the love also is considered procedure to move away the suffering. However, the love between individuals, man and woman, were not enough to it. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Still thus, Olga engravidou.

You only give received the notice when he was imprisoned, had to the failure of the Conspiracy. Exactly pregnant, Olga was deported for nazista Germany and delivers to the Gestapo (policy German politics). It was sent for a concentration camp, where it gave to the light Anita Leocdia Prestes. Some time later, was ordered for Ravensbrck (the first exclusive field for women), where still it demonstrated to its ability cream in commanding: one became leader of the block where it slept and gave lessons to other canine tooth. It can be attributed to this impulse of life and this determination to fight for its beliefs to a form to prevent the suffering.

(FREUD, 1930) Anita remained to the side of its mother during 14 months, so that it could be suckled. Soon after, it was delivers to the cares of the grandmother. But this Olga alone was to know times later. Its expression in the book that portraies the biography of the Communist sends the reader to one of the saddest and emotive pictures of the seen other people’s suffering already: a son, baby, still being pulled out of the arms of a mother. The dream of reencontrar the son after its release also must have served of pulso Olga to continue surviving in way to as many atrocities. FREUD (1930) detaches that the search for the happiness and the personal accomplishment is part of the human beings.

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