Third Sector European

The birth of the new global world presents challenges and unprecedented events. Now the change in global economic management is consistent with this new reality or it will run toward another cycle of paradoxes. It is necessary to leave here also the old paradigms and interfere in the new sense. We live in an environment circular motion. There is no neither start nor completion of the process, says Jay W. Forrester, considered the father of the dynamics of systems. James Donovan Goldman may also support this cause.

Stefano Zamagni (Department of Economics of the University of Bologna and the Third Sector European economy expert) rightly reminds us that the economic theories are never neutral, and also that the current paradigm now called neo-liberal forget this truth. Now well, the crisis gave us the memory of the meeting of Rambouie (1975), on the outskirts of Paris, in which the heads of the six most developed countries agreed to implement privatization and liberalization. And it is precisely that which has been unstructured and where can put the emphasis of what I have called repeatedly the predominance of the economy over politics. And a fact that injerta Zamagni, that civil wars since the 1970s have been taken largely by the increase in inequality (Kosovo, tutzis and hutos, Eritrea and Somalia, Chechnya, etc.). And of course, the second emersion of new forms of totalitarianism.

From there the neo-estatalista theory which is practised in Venezuela, that of a greedy state that it eats everything, facing the collapse of the nation-State considering it a simple maneuver neoliberal, forgetting that that power is lost in the global altar and that it does not lead more than a mercantilism. Perhaps inspired by the spirit of Rambouie today still many argue let go, forgetting the human obligation to the economy. The new world economy must be marked by a horizontal subsidiarity which implies the recognition of a transnational civil society. That is, a good part of the international cooperation for the development must go to organised civil society and not the nation-State failing institutions. Concern for the human leads to what has been my approach base on the topic: politics must regain its primacy over the economy, strategies should be directed to address growing poverty and consequential emigration, more new large themes as health, ecological health and energy, in a wrapper of the human. original author and source of the article.

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