Great Politics

The reason is the orbit capable to make the thought to turn around the same idea; the identity, the causalidade, the not-contradiction of the being. Who is the language acts as a lawyer to make of the Metaphysical error of the being, to reason is to submit the thought to this system. The man projects in the things that it would like or imagines to be. He is as if it was the relation subject object/, ontognoseologicamente speaking. What it defines the man is capacity to produce concepts from the esquematizao of the impressions, that is, the language. The language it is the instrument that supports all the systems, mainly the system of laws: piramidal degree and order chaste of privileges and subordinaes. The true reality is the fixed, identical world itself exactly, while the life is seen as appearance, as deceit, as illusion. It is this inversion that Nietzsche searchs to undo of its transvalorao of the values: the place par excellence of this inversion is the logic.

The events in the nature are inexplicable for us. What she marks the search human being for knowledge is the impossibility of the true knowledge, proper of a world marked for devir. This impossibility that takes the creation of the net of settings and directions, this net of fictions called legion. What it supports the search for knowledge is the belief of that, also, an irreducible, identical thing exists same itself, and that this thing is the essence of the life, the being, the truth. The identity is a born belief of the fear of the absolutely transitory character of that it lives. The question of antropomorfizaao well is refuted by Nietzsche, that the phenomenon of the man to be seen as measured of all the things. The subjectivity is produced by the will, conscience and citizen of the knowledge, that will be the cause creation. The sprouting of the language is a music, not a music in the essence of the word, but original melody of the affection.

A language of the affection, sonorous, purely impossible to be symbolized, that it would be deep of all the things, according to Nietzsche. The language of the words is apollonian, formal, coesa, clear an analogy; music is a nocturnal dionisaca analogy. Mois, Viviane. Nietszche and the Great Politics of the Language.

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