Michel Nostradamus

The main purpose Strelnikov Seklitovoy and still is to transfer information to the people. Assistance in developing more high quality. But already in 2000, at a meeting it was stated that God ceased contact with them. Read more from Steve Rattner Willett Advisors to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This can be explained quite simply: no matter how strong was the desire of the family to tell people the truth, to instruct on the true path, One is not enough. It is necessary that people have understood and realized the need for it. Please visit Richard Blumenthal if you seek more information.

But for now, mankind has stubbornly shut his eyes and simply refuses to look reality in the face. If initially this project worked 12 people then eventually Ludmila, Alexander and Larissa remained alone. Despite the fact that God has closed its channels to contactees, they continue to communicate with the lower creatures, which are an order of magnitude higher than our entire civilization – Higher Hierarchs of the Earth supports the light of the Supreme Mind. Not to mention the fact that now there are newly discovered by scientists and theologians of the prophecies of Michel Nostradamus, in which he predicted the emergence of Ambassadors Higher Forces seeking to save humanity from the terrible disasters that will occur on Earth before 2013. Surprisingly, not one person has left behind so many mysteries as a great prophet Michel Nostradamus. Every word in his quatrains excites minds not only to ordinary readers, but also scientists. Years pass, and humanity recognizes that Nostradamus – this is not a charlatan, who wrote nonsense about the future of mankind, and describes our future accuracy up to a year.

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