Entrepreneurs and Lawyers

Here some reflections than I fodder starting off of the origin of the right are the characteristics that a lawyer who advises entrepreneurs must have. The title lawyer of this article can be changed by any other profession related to commercial emprendimientos, such as accountant, architect, designer or notary public and would be characteristic similars. 10 characteristics look for the entrepreneurs in the professionals whom they engage to advise them 1. – It is necessary to know that NEVER it is only businesses and he is ALWAYS personal 2. – The free advising of risks does not exist. The entrepreneur must be advised in a dynamic scene, with a primary limitation of the resources and considering that the information always is asymmetric. 3.

– The professional must have experience. Besides a solid formation, the main requirement must be the experience. 4. – The professional must have a high capacity to solve conflicts in fast form. The entrepreneur always needs solutions for the day previous to when it solicits. 5. – The professional must understand that the entrepreneur needs an important control his expenses, without sacrificing quality of the advising 6. – It is necessary to look for the delicate balance between the advice who corresponds and what the entrepreneur wants or needs to do.

7. – To limit the technicalities for the scope that corresponds and does not stop to impress the entrepreneur. 8. – To have a high adaptive capacity to the changes, that are usual currency in a new emprendimiento. 9. – To be conscious that their services outside the normal schedule of work will be required and it does not have to affect enterprising the professional relation/. The inspection, closings or to 18,00 accidents never occur from 10,00 hs. and of Monday through Friday. 10. – To have an ample network of contacts. This is absolutely excellent for the entrepreneurs. They need generally much more that an advising but collaboration in the election of other professionals, suppliers of services or potentials partners. Original author and source of the article

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