2,500 immigrants of color they were transferred yesterday by the Italian authorities to centers of welcome near the city of Rosarno. Before this reality minister of the Italian Interior, Roberto Maroni, comments that one of the hypotheses that are shuffled in the investigation of the facts it is that the group of the Ndrangheta (the Mafia of the region of Calabria) is behind the violence against the immigrants to be able to throw them of the locality. This group would have untied the violence against the immigrants. Maroni, that impels the restoration of crime of illegal immigration in Italy, added: ” if the forces of the order discover an undocumented person, (this one) it must be stopped and be taken to a center of identification and expulsion: identified and later expelled. This one is the procedure that we followed siempre”.

In both last years 40,000 undocumented people have been repatriates to their countries of origin and the disembarkations of irregular immigrants in Italy have been reduced a 90 percent, affirms agency EFE. On the possibility of a strike of immigrants in Italy summoned through Internet for next the 1 of March, the minister recognized the right to express his opinion, but he noticed that goes out to pronounce itself and it does not have papers, will be expelled from the country. The certain thing that before these Italy facts it will have to evaluate his laws of immigration and to look for the form that is gotten up to coexist in the Italian scene, they guarantee respect, and their rights are respected once it is fulfilled the exigencies that the government solicits to be able to be accepted in the country..

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