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Friend, I have seen the face of desperation of the people who are going to the consulate to look for visa and say any silly thing in the interview. In one of those I meant to stop of the chair and to them &quot to me; you do not say that! ". I see later them so disappointed when they leave and they speak with its relatives outside and they count they treated as them, as if they were not worth anything, as if they were criminals whom they do not have right to go to " Imperio". I also have felt that frustration. Although I wanted to help then, nonwise like.

So I put myself to investigate and to consult with several lawyers of immigration and tens of people who have obtained the visa and other has rejected that them and escribi a manual to help all those people who go in search of that dream. I take months, but it finishes finally it. It compiles everything what the lawyers said to me and all these people I put and them in a guide who you can lower to your computer In the guide I say Here to you specifically that you must do, which you must take and that you must say to obtain the visa. Also I say like exactly filling each point to you of the forms. The guide says like arming a strategy to you and going preparation for your interview with the consul.

So that it is important to go with a strategy? After the 11 of September of 2001 the request process has been modified and it is required to interview all the applicants. And like the foreign series of police everything what your you say can be used in your con! To the gringos they like to work systematically. Meaning that the process for aprobarte or rechazarte the visa happens through rules already established, and if each one of the rules are not fulfilled the consul cannot give the visa you.

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