Grigory Semyonov

1920 marked a tragic turning point in the Civil War – but not ending the war as itself. Defeat – but not defeat the White armies. Chief of the Russian Army, Baron Pyotr Wrangel and Commander in Chief of the Russian troops eastern margin, Trans-Baikal ataman Grigory Semyonov intensively preparing for the white backlash. Preparing for the resumption of hostilities and march chieftain of all the Cossack troops Dutov. "I will fight until there is strength " – so ends his last letter to the Supreme Governor, Admiral Kolchak. And now those words became the motto of Ataman Dutov.

About eight months that he lived in Suydunskoy fortress, passed in the tireless work and worry for the resettlement, development and supply of troops followed him, unite immigrants and maintain discipline. Dutov establish regular bilateral ties with Russia, was responsible for the white underground in adjacent areas, sent emissaries to the Siberian city. The idea of unbroken Ataman, which coordinates the activities spread across vast expanses of white pockets of resistance, could not inspire terror in the hearts of security officers. As long as the chieftain Dutov was alive and acting, they risked at any moment be cut off from Moscow. Liquidation Dutova became for them a matter of life and death. It will soon be 85 years from the day when brave Cossack overtook the treacherous bullet.

Meanwhile, still unknown to all the circumstances of this murder. Although most versions of the majority of converge. Among the agents Dutova on Soviet territory chekistam managed to recruit for the murder of three Basmachi, one of which enjoyed the special confidence of leader. February 6, 1921, these Three came to Dutova ostensibly important reports. Left alone with Alexander, leader of gangsters suddenly opened fire, wounding a chieftain in the arm and stomach. Assassin, shooting, managed to escape. A Dutov from wounds died shortly thereafter. A few days after the funeral chieftain his grave was dug, the body is removed from the coffin and decapitated. Apparently, the performers had to murder his head to show customers as "real evidence ". And sure death Dutova, that the bullet still hit the target that the funeral – not a dramatization, and storm kgb really rests here It is interesting that the murder was the first foreign Dutova political liquidation carried out on orders from the Kremlin. Five years later, against the leaders of the anti-Soviet emigration will develop a real terror. The hands of the murderers perish Petlura mysteriously dies Baron Wrangell, is shot dead returning to Moscow, General sweeter killed in attempted kidnapping of kgb General Kutepov, kidnapped by General Miller, blown Ukrainian nationalist Konovalets In the very same Bolshevik Russia by Victims will go to millions of

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