Thank You, Arnold !

How is Arnold Schwarzenegger told me, Joe, if I did not dare to go to America, I would not be governor of California, would not starred in films and have not met my dear wife, Mary. I just dismissed his words as he could not with them to agree. All this is in chess. The Report Wizard will place his pieces that you will make a move. So I could not call Arnold to America. Do you understand me? This is Arnie himself has not left me no choice! Imagine, he was the most young champion! Everyone was talking about him as a phenomenal athlete, the likes of which existed throughout the history of bodybuilding! When Arnold came to me, I just realized that true talent always goes through life with the mind and character. He was truly sincere and grateful man. He was as obsessed with bodybuilding, as I do.

As well as I could spend hours talking about practice. He really loved bodybuilding and this is one of the properties soul, believe my experience in our sport can be seen not so often. Most of the current pros are using bodybuilding as a means of earning, and more. In the beginning, I purposely named Arnold enough a modest stipend. Big money is spoiling. They render a bummer, but I did not want to become arrogant drone Arnie.

My opinion is that at the beginning of the way a man does not need anything, just to the roof was over my head. Everything else he has to achieve in life. In the fight man to become stronger. Over time it will pass by his children, and it will be real progress! On its European flavor, Arnold took his small apartment, bought b / a "Volkswagen". Money which he had left him quite enough to eat. I deliberately kept an eye on Arnie and I saw how it differs from the majority of my students. Most of them are closed in themselves, do not like to talk, jealous even to the success of their friends. I can not find anything wrong with. After all, our sport – a sport of individualists. However, Arnie, was the complete opposite of them. And even now, it radiates energy around the positive, attracting people to him. He love life, smile, always open to dialogue, devoted friends and the whole friendship. For example, when I trusted him to "Olympia", the winner somehow became his friend Frank Zane. As I got angry and asked him to explanations. What Arnold in response to so innocently rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, that I just can not restrain himself and burst out laughing. Although, I myself would have given her voice in favor of the handsome Zahn. A Franco Columbo? Arnold begged me to call Colombo in the U.S. (about What I do not regret a single drop), and for over forty years of encounters with Christmas. Colombo was even a witness at the wedding of Arnie and was in the range of the president Kennedy clan. A rewarding career for the Italian guy who started life with a shepherd the sheep! Years later I myself would like to thank Arnold. Thanks to Arnold, my life has become more intense and interesting. Today, I am often reviewing movies with Arnold, including the first, and about myself thinking, "This is my life," Joe Weider

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