Government Peace Reveal

Only the constant development, creativity, and righteous living will fill the soul with light and clean afterwards to give food to the Spirit and to help him return home, at right, with new knowledge and new strength. Reveal Worlds, Navi, Glory and the Government Peace Reveal all we know. We know him better than all others, because consciousness our set up on him from birth. This is the most dense of all the world – a world of gross matter. But it is remarkable that the energy in it as it is packed and if you take the same amount of space Reveal, Navi, Glory and the Government, the Reveal energy would be best. Thanks to the world Reveal your body can get enormous power, fueling another body, soul and spirit. Of course, if we keep our body in good health. But on the other hand, because of the density of the space we are more limited in their actions, rather than in the worlds of thinner.

The space is filled with Navi several worlds. Modern people have given names to these worlds, ethereal, astral and mental, although these names do not accurately describe their own worlds. Etheric world more appropriate name "mirror", as tight world reflected in it, as in the water. He is a kind of dense world and is very similar to our world Reveal. These creatures inhabit his person. They can see us from his world, as more subtle world gets more dense. It also has plants and other life forms, similar to our world, but eating one another is missing.

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