Historic Living

In the old era of bygone reality, but not from memory, people lived not perfect, but for prosperity, and dignity. True, no good, as is commonly believed, the social fabric. But nevertheless, life seemed unbearable, dark, and even more so – hopeless. Then came other times: the era of the long-awaited burst of many liberation from the shackles of the so-called totalitarianism, and others, as it were hampering the initiative of individual chains. And now social order, finally, it is acceptable, and the parameters found freedom there, and life, oddly enough, simply will not do. Or – still no good.

Well, let's wait and ponder about the same time democratic gains. Just not in the usual manner, and a variety of content forms. Let us give a sense of mischief is estimated to emphasize gaiety, or if you wish, satirical sharpness and lightness. Why not? If those in power allow themselves have long been explicitly or implicitly ridicule their own people, why do not we meet the same at least sometimes? Not counting and thinking himself a poet, and especially the poet-satirist, author of these lines first years of independence of former Soviet republics found themselves in unfamiliar need to present bleak, in fact, thought – without rhyme and rhyme. The first thing that came out of the pen: Lele eternal hope, effort, and tomorrow, and forward, Where to this time wandering, Weaving ties into clothes, Odemokrachenny people? At the same overcast days, when Georgia, along with all former Soviet republics, has launched in a responsible way of building liberty and independence, it was found that the "Local politicians are born to fairy tale to make the dust." Then I had to express one more daring, and at the same date, the point of view: "A country where, instead of a stable salary ALL THE TIME PROMISED STABILITY IN LIEU OF SALARY.

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