Now we can wonder, angry, protest, tear paper into small pieces close the site and write a complaint to the Ministry of Education. However, there have long known about it. Hundreds of books, dozens of dissertations. And things are there. Why – a separate issue, will not touch policy.

We are well with you may be interested in. question, voiced in the subtitle – as a schoolboy to make life easier. For this, I know two ways (probably more of them). The first – for the brave – a democratic school, or rejection of compulsory education or training to freedom. School, Parents create the conditions for child's education, starting with a 5-iletnego age and before joining the institute. Create the conditions and everything.

Did not require. Everything else is a child makes himself. Second – for over-socialized people For example, for people like me. That's it, I'll start here described, and finished in the next article. For the second method will also need your inner resolve. Remember – I said above about the abandonment of some principles? So here's a new Principles! 1. The child himself knows better how to learn. If you do not know – ask you or the teacher. If you do not ask – then you beat him. Physically or mentally. Stop. That's right now. Child you love anyway. But he will have spend a few days to believe that you have become the executioner of the mother (father). 2. Continuing the first principle – orient the child to the result of learning and forgetting about the learning process.

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