The Small

Cost is that although they believe, the mind is a real nuisance, just one try to think the move to it immediately becomes blurred. This is not the place for the small space, to give an explanation to this phenomenon that seems so natural to be so unique, however I will introduce some arguments to help them understand where things are going. Just as natural is this process that must necessarily happen that way and not another, and what should surprise us is precisely because we are surprised this natural fact. The human being is a unity in itself, and as a unit comprises a network with other human beings which in turn are part of a whole that some have called Allon. We are a unit, but yet we are severed, broken, divided into two parts, mind and body.

This division is clearly artificial but actually I should say pathological. Who is responsible? "Science" Science thought placed on top of access to knowledge. "I think therefore I am" Impersonate "I am therefore I am" thinking being supplanted. Science is handled with ideas, and ideas are? Are differences that make the difference, or make a difference, that is why the man when he looks when he sees what he really does is an act of distinction. In other words, divide, separate, ranks, classifies, creates categories. Science to become to mind, an instrument originally designed for practical things, our reason for being and only source of access to knowledge. That is simply an instrument happened to be living that governs every act of our lives.

And science has split with his epistemology to humans in two, and that is why we constantly have a dialogue with ourselves, that is why as our body is present here and now our minds are wandering passes the past or the future. We have lost the drive and not only that, but we also have divided men. The mind in science found its main ally in its development and gain supremacy. In the end we lost the unit, and that is why there is so little creativity in the world, that is why we are totally predictable and stereotyped because we have lost our being. As is the case then that act of inspiration, that Eureka! It happens just when the mind becomes temporarily to occupy its natural place, it becomes an instrument of our body. At that moment is when we recover our natural creativity, when we come to be unity, when we find ourselves, then the knowledge that is always present within us to express viability.

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