Travel To Norway

Starting this summer in Norway, my husband and I decided to start prosherstit Internet. Advised that seasoned travelers, how, where and why. We decided to get acquainted with the world famous Norwegian fjords, mountains and glaciers. Relax on the coast, fishing on the high seas to try the king crab, and can even swim with killer whales. And as we traveled to Norway? From the Internet, we learned that Norway can be reached at airplane, car, ferry and train.

Norway's extensive transportation network allows easy access even to the most northern cities. Along the Norwegian coast can take a cruise on the liner Hurtigruten. In western Norway, where are world-famous fjords are many places where walking car and passenger ferries and express – boat. But we decided: a journey by car – the most economical and will allow us to best acquainted with this country and will not be restrictions on the movement. The question of where to stay? Options for the night a lot, leaving from St. Petersburg, we called the JamsanGasthaus in yams in this hotel we stayed at when riding on skiing in the ski resort Himos. The hotel is very democratic, and we decided that it was there that first night, spend the night. On their website, we learned that in addition to the hotel we can accommodate in a cottage by the lake.

We liked the idea and we booked a cottage. In Norway, you can choose a cottage or camping, fishing lodge. Check the cost in some hotels, we thought that it was not a catastrophe for our budget.

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