Green Card Issues

The annual program of the United States Department of State – Green Card (Green Card), or as it is officially called – DV-Lottery attracts a lot of wanting to try for free to immigrate to the United States. Registration of participants free green card, which provides an opportunity to participate in the program, almost anyone with a valid passport as well as Internet access. The reality is that now the "democratic" registration scheme is complicated by an incredible number of bureaucratic requirements and instructions. As a result – up to 80% self-reported questionnaires did not meet these very instructions. But not be afraid of it. The complexity of registration – for evil someone who does not truly be able to prepare and place the questionnaire, and a huge positive thing for those participants Grinkard who responsibly approached this important step, as part of grinkard. The more disgusting completed questionnaires will be sent, the greater your chances, provided that your form is impeccable. Which errors are most often found in the registration? Over a long period of work we have treated far more than a thousand Survey participants Green Card.

Statistics depressing. Only 4% reported in our service questionnaires were correctly filled in, contain exactly the relevant technical instructions and photos can be had without additional training are available. The remaining questionnaires had to correct, translate, edit and request new photos. Here are the most common errors encountered: 1. Problems with the photo. In fact, just fill out the questionnaire completely not difficult, but that most people are not able to prepare the photo themselves and their families. The instructions in this part of the fairly rigid. Yet even without these requirements, half the people send photos in accordance with the principle of "well, that is, then I send." "What is' – this photo from your camera cell phone, with all sorts of heavy drinking as well as picnics and pictures in full length in the lower Underwear and sometimes without it, family photos, photos of background on the bushes, and attractions.

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