Beyond nutrition, maternal milk mainly brings protection against illnesses in the first months of life, stronger development of the bones of the face, teeth and chance of nip of the affective bows between mother and baby. Children whom if they feed with exclusive maternal milk until the six months of age and complementary form until the two years, grow well and healthful. The benefits of breast-feeding are many: for the child, for the mother and the society, since to suckle it contributes for a generation of healthful children. Human milk, beyond its nutritional components contains, in its composition, a complexity of cells, membranes and molecules that act in the protection of recm-nascido9. In this dynamics, the Geography of the Health, with its cultural aspects in relation to the space brings a rich connection with the nursing front to the estruturao of the voted public politics to breast-feeding. Therefore, the present study it had as objective to know the legal context and the importance of this subject for the public politics in health in the support and promotion of the maternal aleitamento, as well as arguing the situations of prevalence of the maternal aleitamento in the context of the Brazilian regions.

METHODOLOGY This work has exploratrio character in the contextualizao of the qualitative 0 variable, from the bibliographical survey in books, articles, magazines and consultations of protocols under breast-feeding; as well as quantitative, from the moment where if it searched to collect given referring the prevalence of breast-feeding in the Brazilian regions. The analysis showed that the adhesion to the maternal aleitamento in the last decade had significant increase. RESULTS AND QUARRELS discovery of the relation of breast-feeding with the cognitivo development comes to thicken the list of benefits of maternal milk and can come to enter in the campaigns pro-breast-feeding. Since the beginning of the decade of 1980, exactly before the creation of the SUS, Brazil it has enclosed in its agenda of priorities in health the promotion, protection and support to the maternal aleitamento.

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