Federal School University

Nothing of this it made with that it did not have (and still has) a career politics marked for the corruption. The meliante more than possesss 150 processes in the coasts and recently its name was enclosed in the red diffusion of Interpol, being able to be imprisoned in 181 countries, less in Brazil. Fernando Collor graduated itself Economic Sciences for the UPIS (Pioneering Union of Social Integration). He became national known as ' ' The Hunter of Marajs' '. After the false position of ' ' guard of moralidade' ' , he suffered to the celebrity impeachment. Who does not remember great caudilho Antonio Carlos Magalhes, this age formed in Medicine for the Federal University of the Bahia.

E the Celso Pitta, remembers it? It is economist, graduated for the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Federal University, possesss mestrado in economy in the University of Leeds (England) and still attended a course Advanced Administration in the Harvard University (United States). Renan Caclheiros, beyond being formed in Right is author of four books: In Defense of a Popular Mandate, ' ' Accountants of Balelas' ' (they see quanta irony), Of the Lemon, Lemonade and Without Justice does not have Citizenship. Another old caudilho, that still it reigns is Sarney, this concluded its secondary studies in the Marista College and the 2 secondary school Maranhense, attended a course later the Law school of the current Federal University of the Maranho, for which if it bacharelou and it entered the Maranhense academies and Brasileira de Letras. Jader Barbalho, of the same lineage of Sarney, was formed in Right in the Law school? UFPA. Another one ' ' doctor poltico' ' that he is famous now is Robert Arruda, it is formed in Electric Engineering in the Federal School of Engineering and recently it was I catch in the ingenious mensalo of the DEM. Therefore, what if note my people, is that we pass good part of the life voting in doctors who had been never worried about the basic education, much less with superior education. The fact of that any one that it only knows to read and to write to be able to be a candidate is product of a resqucio of the democracy that one day functioned (back in Greece) and that today she is hypocritical and prejudiced. We have a president that he is illiterate for many, however, it approved by more 60% of the Brazilians and already made things that many scholars had not made or would make. The problem biggest of this everything, is that it is demanded much little of the citizen so that it acts as politician, then, here in Brazil, for example, so that one politician has that to read against-check and to consult a bank statement, calculating its losses and profits, is not necessary formation some, is enough only that it knows to add and/or to deduct. In case that a diploma were demanded to be politician, many of them would finish giving were one ' ' jeitinho' ' to buy it for goes there! Mrio Sergio Melo Xavier Attends a course History in the UFT

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