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Clinical Biochemistry

The Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga will host next month of November, from 9 to 11 of that month, the V National Congress of clinical laboratory, a meeting in which attendees are intended to share professional experiences and perform a sunset a day in the specialty. Its organizers, Spanish Association of medical […]

Napoleon Bonaparte

Many years ago when he appeared in the world El Detector de Mentiras, all lawyers and scholars of human behavior were fascinated. The appliance is based on a series of sensors that detect physiological variations of sweating, muscle contractures, variations in heart rate, tremors and eye movements that occur in one individual, when you lie. […]

Virtual University

It’s nice to see the ideals of Jaspers, of Moore, McIntyre, and many others, are beautiful, noble concepts which arise from a spirit of acceptance to change, there are authors who manage academic concepts very important and interesting, but are hollow, devoid of sense concepts if not they contextualize and especially if you don’t know […]