Here he was the man most complex of the world. Its wisdom and the singular way to act express the uncommon largeness of a Being whose glory is infindvel. Its Majesty is exuberant and Its love, impactante. The form as it acted by means of the circumstances of the life is a fabulosa lesson of as to surpass adverse situations. There It was teaching in the temple when, of surprise, its sermon is interrupted by the accusing shouts of religious fariseus. The multitude if agitates in the measure where maleficent accusations are launched on determined woman whose shame is assimilated by all.

Jesus if inclines and starts to write in the sand answering with atordoante silence to the ears of the religious ones. In high voice, with the malignant intention to surprise Christ, the fariseus accuse the woman to commit adultery transgressing, therefore, the law given for Moiss. They said: ' ' This woman was handle in full act of adultery. She does not have to be unpunished. We must lapidate it until the death. What in Master says to them on this situation? The law it orders in them to lapidate in case of adultery! It would leave unpunished or fulfill you the law? ' ' However, Jesus continues writing in the sand causing the insistence of the fariseus until, wisely, Christ pronounces most famous of the declarations: ' ' Who does not have sins that he is the first one that shoots it pedras' '! In other words, It wanted to say: ' ' They look at for inside of itself and they see if they are exempt of sins! They analyze its attitudes and they see if they are perfect and trustworth in each detail! Then, by means of this analysis, vocs if considers apt to play some rock? If somebody exists, either primeiro' '! The astuteness of the fariseus is uncommon.

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