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Biblical reference: Jo 8,8 E, becoming to incline, wrote in the land the boy looked at the grandmother writing a letter. The certain height, asked: You are writing a history that happened with us? by chance is a history on me? The grandmother stopped to write the letter, she smiled, and she commented with the […]

Caetano Veloso

Although religion appeared in this century, during and in function of the intense process of urbanization industrialization, the panteo of umbanda is constituted over all of extracted entities of a historical past that retraces at least the o century XIX. It never incorporated, systematically, the espritos of men and illustrious women contemporaries who mark the […]


Here he was the man most complex of the world. Its wisdom and the singular way to act express the uncommon largeness of a Being whose glory is infindvel. Its Majesty is exuberant and Its love, impactante. The form as it acted by means of the circumstances of the life is a fabulosa lesson of […]